49 minutes | Nov 18th 2019

#44 Gary Soto: Using Words to Bring Others Out of the Shadows

On this episode, Erin talks with renowned author, poet, and playwright, Gary Soto. With wisdom and wit, Gary recounts the academic struggles of his youth, his discovery of great poets and authors, and how he ultimately found his own life calling as an author with over 40 published works. Together they explore the writing process and delve into the themes, images, and metaphors in Gary’s work. This is an instructive and inspiring episode that will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered to make a difference. Show Notes: Gary Soto: https://garysoto.com/ Invite a Freedom Writer to your organization: http://www.freedomwritersfoundation.org/index.php/request-speaker Support the production of the Freedom Writers Podcast by donating here: http://www.freedomwritersfoundation.org/index.php/donate
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