11 minutes | Aug 23, 2017

To Print or Not to Print? This Promotional Printer Chose to Follow His Conscience

Blaine Adamson, owner of promotional printing company Hands On Originals, has turned down several requests to create shirts based on the message that he was asked to print on them. But when he declined one particular design, he faced a public smear campaign and a lawsuit that threatened to destroy his business. Blaine could have folded then. But five years later, he hasn’t. And he has no intention of doing so now. First and foremost, Blaine is standing for his faith – it’s the most important part of who he is, and it guides everything he does. And he is also standing for his freedom of conscience and the principle that no American should be forced to speak a message or promote an event that conflicts with their faith. If we don’t have the freedom to decline to express messages that violate our convictions, that should concern us all. A Kentucky court recently ruled in Blaine’s favor, upholding his right to decline to print messages that conflict with his beliefs. Now, the Kentucky Supreme Court will decide whether to hear his case. This week on Freedom Matters, Blaine and ADF attorney Jim Campbell join the show to discuss the case.
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