23 minutes | Aug 4, 2017

Should We Be Forced to Promote Every Event the Government Demands of Us?

There are a lot of events that Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips will not use his artistic talents to promote. He won’t design Halloween cakes, or lewd cakes for bachelor parties. Cakes that disparage others are out of the question. He tends to think along the lines that if he would not design it and put it in the showcase in front of his granddaughter, then that’s a request he needs to turn down. As a Christian, Jack cannot use his artistic talents to promote all messages or events. And he shouldn’t have to. No creative professional should be forced to create custom work to celebrate an event with which they disagree. So, when a same-sex couple walked into Jack’s store and asked him to design their custom wedding cake, he had to politely decline. Because he believes what the Bible says about marriage, that it is the sacred union of one man and one woman, he did not feel he could design something that celebrates anything contrary to that. He did, however, offer to sell them anything else in his store. Despite that, they sued him. Alliance Defending Freedom has represented Jack all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we will continue to defend him before the Court in the coming term. Jack will serve everyone, but he cannot promote every message. And he should have the freedom to do that. A government that can tell you what messages to promote, regardless of your beliefs, should concern us all. This week on Freedom Matters, we sat down with Jack and ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco to discuss the case.
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