30 minutes | May 31, 2017

Pass out the Constitution, Get Arrested

Casey Mattox, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom and Director of the Center for Academic Freedom, joins the show to explain how members of a Young Americans for Liberty club were arrested for passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on a college campus. The arrests were captured on video that also show campus officials telling the YAL supporters that “engaging [students] in conversation on their way to educational places” is a violation of the Solicitation Policy because it is an “obstruction to their education” to ask them questions like, “Do you like freedom and liberty?,” adding that he was concerned that the students from “rural farm areas…might not feel like they have the choice to ignore the question.” Also, for the first time, a President submitted a budget to Congress that directs federal funding away from Planned Parenthood to local health care clinics that outnumber the abortion giant 20-1. This is just the latest example of the Trump Administration’s willingness to act in support of the sanctity of life. Just two weeks ago, the President expanded the Mexico City Policy to stop any U.S. government funding from going to international organizations that commit or advocate for abortion. Casey testified before Congress in support of redirecting funds from Planned Parenthood to thousands of health care clinics across America that actually provide health services for women.
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