23 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

Episode 497 - This is why depression follows them whereever they go

We all know this person who is always depressed regardless of where they are right?  They could be in paradise and still complain about stuff. Have you ever stopped and wondered why that is?  I see many of these people here in Bali and I came to the realization that it comes down to ONE simple thing.  Fixing this one thing solves all the problems but the challenge is obviously to pinpoint it in the first place.  If you are actually the type to be unhappy even on holiday, then this will be of great help to you (or your travel buddy)... There is nothing worse than going on holiday with someone who's NEVER happy haha.  So whatever happens, the content of this episode will come in handy check out this picture: https://interactioninstitute.org/illustrating-equality-vs-equity/ Let me know in the comments, which one you would pick now that you know a bit more --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/freedom-by-choice/support
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