24 minutes | Jul 20, 2020

Episode 486 - How To Start A Business & Make Money From Day 1?

Want a business that makes money from day 1? Then click here: https://martinebongue.com/emailformula Are you happy to wait 2 years before making a single dime with your business?  Probably not right? At least I'm not that's for sure. So how do you shorten that timespan and start making from day 1 with your business? Is that even possible?  If you ask the chamber of commerce and all the old-timers using traditional outdated methods, they will tell you that you won't make any profit in the first 2 years.  I don't have that kind of time brother. When I start a business, I want that business to be profitable from day 1.  There is only ONE way of accomplishing this and we are going to discuss it in details in this episode Click here to get access to my secret sauce: https://martinebongue.com/emailformula --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/freedom-by-choice/support
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