56 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Episode 110 – Friedrich von Hayek and Leo Rosten Part I (Podcast)

Originally recorded in 1978, this is the first session of a lively and occasionally controversial three-part interview of the late Friedrich von Hayek, economist and Nobel laureate, by the late Leo Rosten, author and social scientist. It is a wide-ranging discussion of von Hayek’s life and work, primarily in the areas of philosophy of science, political philosophy, the free will problem, and epistemology. Hayek created a furor with his book The Road to Serfdom. The book came out at a time when he was a lone voice speaking about the terrible dangers inherent in good and well-intentioned people turning powers over to government – even good government. Listen to Friedrich von Hayek and Leo Rosten Part I to learn more.

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