81 minutes | Jul 5th 2014

Free DLC 2.0, Episode 30

Hey listen kids, Mike here. *turns baseball cap and chair around* Fatherhood changes you. It makes you realize that all the little things you cared so much about, like writing the perfect hilarious, on point and meaningful podcast description, well... they just don't matter as much as you thought they did.  Still, I want to set a good example for my son Max (who was born since the last episode aired), so here you go: a new Free DLC podcast wherein Mike, Jeff and Ron talk about video games, wrestling and movies. Pretty much in that order. Also we eat some questionable Oreos. New episodes will be airing every two weeks from now on, so look forward to Episode 31 on July 18. In the mean time, enjoy the new Lets Play videos that we will be posting on YouTube any day now. Check out www.youtube.com/therealunplayables. Also, as always, email the show at freedlc@theunplayables.com with any questions, comments or suggestions. If we like your email we may even send you a free game.
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