19 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Godly Grit 41 - Storehouse 4 - Surrender

In the next three chapters, we will look at the importance and significance of the breastplate of righteousness. You will want your storehouse stocked with protective righteousness. As a piece of armor, a breastplate protects your most vital organs, your heart, and lungs. Spiritually we are to pursue righteousness to protect our heart, the source of our emotions and desires, and our lungs, our God-breathed spirit.

The surrender of our will and life to God is the ultimate act of humility that can free us from ourselves and our destructive self-centered paths. Surrender is an active step in the direction of living a life that is not all about me. Submission to God is the humble path to contentment. There is no healing in life without humility and surrender, no matter how hard you try.

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