46 minutes | Sep 1, 2021


A once in a millennium event, a possible technical glitch, and a disputed Presidential election are national headlines, while stories of a missing intern and an increasing number of shark attacks fill newscasts as a U.S. warship is targeted and a group plotting a massive terror attack move into place. Voices heard in this episode: Bill Hemmer, Co-anchor of America’s Newsroom on the FOX News Channel Brit Hume, FOX News Senior Political Analyst Gen. Jack Keane, Ret. Four-Star Army General and Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army Janice Kephart, 9/11 Commission counsel Brian Kilmeade, Co-host of FOX & Friends on the FOX News Channel Kirk Lippold, Retired former Naval Commander of the USS Cole Andy McCarthy, former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Greg Palkot, FOX News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Geraldo Rivera, FOX News Reporter-at-Large Karl Rove, Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush Ali Soufan, Chairman, and CEO of The Soufan Group and former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday Dr. Amy Zegart, Morris Arnold, and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution Katherine Zimmerman, American Enterprise Institute fellow, and adviser to the Critical Threats Project
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