43 minutes | Aug 29th 2018

Transition, Faith and Mental Illness - 4S1F86

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Feeling intrigued about life overseas can be a catalyst for some people when deciding to pick up everything in their familiar environment to move on for a life abroad.

This fact, combined with the need to find something meaningful in life, can point someone in a direction that previously wouldn’t have been a topic of consideration.

This episode I sit down for chat with Holly Kooi. Holly is an American happily living overseas with her husband in Vienna, Austria.

Tune in to learn how this wonderful woman from Atlanta ended up in Vienna and, upon arrival, soon was forced to deal with and overcome personal transitional issues that nearly broke her.

In the end, Holly, keeping with her faith, may have been blessed with the exact timing that allowed her and her family to expand their horizons abroad.


Website: Holly Kooi

Article: What It Might Be Like for a Christian Battling Mental Illness

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LinkedIn: Holly Kooi

Memorable Quotes

Don’t try to live in two places at one time


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