39 minutes | Sep 19th 2018

Living Abroad and Noticing The Differences - 4S1F87

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Get ready to join us for a ride as we listen to the journey of an expat / immigrant from Melbourne, Australia who is now living in Vienna, Austria.

Hear how Carly Hulls, upon being offered a dream job overseas, as well as taking a chance after “meeting an Austrian boy”, decided to pack up all her stuff in one backpack to embark on a new life chapter.

Carly shares with us her story of living abroad as a foreign national who is very aware of not only her own overseas status, but also the status of others like her who are seeking a life in a new home nation. Carly is very aware of the negative issues certain foreign nationals are facing in her host nation and she isn’t shy about speaking up.

All at the same time, she points out how important it is to not have expectations of how life abroad should be as compared to life in one’s home nation.

At this point, you have to agree that her story sounds both brave and romantic. After listening to Carly’s story you will agree that the Kardashians can’t match her swagger!


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Article: Best German Class in Vienna

Website: About Carly Hulls

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Facebook: Austrian Adaptation by Carly Hulls

Twitter: Follow @carlyhulls

Youtube: Carly Hulls on CX Network

Instagram: Carly Hulls


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