102 minutes | Mar 15th 2021

VIU Mariners Women's Basketball Head Coach Tony Bryce - The Four Quarters Podcast

VIU Mariners Women's Basketball Head Coach Tony Bryce joins host Tyler Bennett for Episode Nine in Season Three of the Four Quarters Podcast, powered by Four Quarters Media!  Off the top, Bryce and Bennett discuss March Madness, their affiliations, and their shared love for collegiate basketball over the NBA.  From there, the conversation shifts to Bryce's career at VIU, starting as a player and then progressing to the Head Coach position of the Men's Program starting in 2006.  Bryce shares what the transition was like for him as Head Coach, and some of the things that went into developing the program into a perennial National Championship contending team.  Then, Bennett and Bryce discuss the Women's Program at VIU, including what has allowed the team to enjoy its own level of success, what Bryce looks for when it comes to recruits, and how they've been able to sustain their high level of success.  (Note: at points, the audio does get a little choppy, so apologies in advance!)  (MUSIC: bensound.com)
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