53 minutes | Feb 10th 2012

Contraception Battle and American Pie | The Michael J. Maxim Show #41

Closing out the week we talk about Obama's poor attempt to compromise violating the 1st Amendment and close out the show talking about the meaning behind Don McLean's hit "American Pie".  Obama made a statement on Friday saying it's okay...the churches will not be in trouble if they don't offer the Obamacare contraceptive mandate...it will be the responsibility of the insurance company. In other words let's keep violating the Constitution and pass the buck so to speak. "Coming as it did near the end of this turbulent era, American Pie seemed to be speaking to the precarious position we found ourselves in, as the grand social experiments of the 1960s began collapsing under the weight of their own unrealized utopian dreams, while the quieter, hopeful world we grew up in receded into memory. And as 1970 came to a close and the world this generation had envisioned no longer seemed viable, a sense of disillusion and loss fell over us; we weren't the people we once were. But we couldn't go home again either, having challenged the assumptions of that older order. The black and white days were over. Bye bye, Miss American Pie." We then close out the show with an interesting analysis of Don McLean's classic song based off of actual interviews and explanations given by McLean himself. With the vague and cryptic references in the song explained one can look at history and see how the song actually signals America's demise something Don McLean himself said he was obsessed with. “We’re just looking at some of the old interviews with Don McLean because he never talks about this song anymore. But at the time he said that he was obsessed with what he called the death of America and so many things. The loss of so many things that he grew up with.” “ (McLean) said in a sense ‘American Pie’ was a despairing song. In another way it was hopeful. He said Pete Seeger told me that he saw it as a song in which people were saying something, that they had been fooled, they had been hurt and they weren’t going to let it happen again. He said that’s a good way to look at it, a hopeful way. Unfortunately Pete Seeger was a communist and I mean, that’s the way that’s why this happens again.” “It happened with Mao and it won’t happen this way again. It happened at Altamont but it won’t happen like that again. I mean, it’s the same story over and over and over again.” “The good news is, is that there was at least somebody that was in this
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