23 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

How to Become a Mega Producing Real Estate Entrepreneur ft. Scott Duffy

Does the idea of buying the rainforest sound impossible? What if I told you that five minutes in a room with the right people could shift your mindset—and make the idea as simple as eating a bowl of soup? What if you could apply the same 3 principles of realizing a big vision to your real estate career and become a megaproducer?

Today, Oliver is joined by Scott Duffy, the founder of Scott Duffy Media Holdings. Scott is driven by the idea of helping people live their dreams through entrepreneurship. He has been named a Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Entrepreneur Magazine and appeared on CNBC, FOX News and CBS Radio, among many other media outlets.

On this episode of Founders Club, Scott shares his incredible experience selling a company to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He offers advice for new agents and insight around how his mom became a megaproducer, selling $1B in residential real estate in LA. Scott discusses the role of mindset in making it through tough times and the value for entrepreneurs in focusing on mastering one skill at a time. Listen in for Scott’s view on surrounding yourself with likeminded people and learn how to ‘buy the rainforest,’ become a megaproducer, and execute on your big dreams!

Key Takeaways

[0:42] Scott’s experience selling a company to Richard Branson

  • Created Expedia for private jets
  • Call from Virgin Group (met by chance)
  • Chase opportunity down when get break

[4:42] What top performers have in common

  • Consistent passion for learning
  • ‘Awesome at one thing’ not enough

[7:35] Scott’s advice for real estate agents

  • Don’t work more/harder at what no longer works
  • Put self around right mentors
  • Progress takes place in plateaus

[11:14] The secret to Scott’s 90-day launch plan

  • Mistake to focus on too many things at once
  • ‘One hammer and one nail’

[12:42] How Scott’s mom became a megaproducer

  • Build trust with high-end clientele, detail-oriented
  • Phenomenal negotiator not afraid to walk away
  • Great at MINDSET

[16:38] How Scott learned to ‘buy the rainforest’

  • Start with WHY (rooted in purpose)
  • Decide how to do it
  • Secure financing

[20:12] How to shortcut success and reach big goals

  • Surround self with people who execute on big vision
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