101 minutes | Feb 6th 2020

Caroline Bailey from Barren to Blessed

 Caroline Bailey is from Southwest Missouri. She has worked in child welfare for 18 years. She runs the blog barrentoblessed.com and Facebook Page or Instagram with the same name - barren to blessed. She and her husband fostered for 4 years and adopted 2 children from care. They are that rare family that ended up adopting the only 2 kids placed with them! They also did respite a few times but decided to close their license after the adoption of their daughter. She also writes for adoption. com and has been featured on various blogs and websites. 

In this episode, we explore her journey through foster care, adoption and her barrenness that began with an emergency hysterectomy at age 11! 

Her personal struggle has given her the ability to help others walk gracefully through their own!

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