14 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

Forward In Faith Pivot To Pink Clay- Cultivating Confidence To Live Free And Eat Free!

Have you noticed some changes around here?  If you're as unobservant as I am, let me point them out for you...I have a new podcast image, new intro, new name, and new focus!!  SO EXCITING!!!  The podcast you know and love is still here...I'm still here and the faith-filled messages you love are still here! I'm just pivoting and focusing in on the true passion on my heart...helping you grow in confidence,  love the body God created you in, stop comparing yourself to others, and start living each day to the fullest without focusing so much on food, the scale, and weight-loss!   If that sounds like FREEDOM to you then GIRL....you are in the right place!   I'm going to teach you the tools and give you the community you need to Live Free and Eat Free!   Now share this episode with a friend, join the club, and let's do this!  Cheering you on always, Kristin  💕www.pinkclaysocial.com Click Here To Join The Club
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