23 minutes | Mar 23, 2022

Tips on Selling Goats

If you are new to selling goats, you might feel like you can't say "no" to any potential buyers. I am here to tell you otherwise.

You will hear two main points today as I tell you a few stories of people that I refused to sell goats to.

First, you should always ask questions to be sure that the buyer has done their homework and knows what a goat needs — and that they can provide that! After all of the love, care, and money you have put into raising healthy goats, you want to be sure that they go to a home that's going to continue that same excellent care.

You also want to be sure that the buyer knows what to expect as a goat owner. Goats need proper housing and food, and no, they can't be taught to not eat your rose bushes.

The second thing I talk about is requiring a deposit to hold goats so that you don't wind up holding a goat and saying no to potential buyers because you think the goat is already sold.

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