34 minutes | Apr 12, 2023

Tetanus in Goats: Transmission, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prognosis

Almost everyone has a tetanus shot to protect us from a deadly disease that can be transmitted from an injury that breaks through the skin.

Although some animals are not as susceptible to tetanus, such as dogs and cats, goats can get tetanus. Like humans, which have been protected by the vaccine since the first world war, goats can also be protected from tetanus by a vaccine.

In this episode, which is sponsored by Colorado Serum, we are joined by Dr. Randy Berrier, Staff Veterinarian and Senior Vice President of Colorado Serum, which makes tetanus toxoid and antitoxin, as well as the CDT vaccine, which includes tetanus toxoid.

We are talking about how the disease is transmitted, what the symptoms are, as well as the prognosis once an animal is infected.

Dr. Berrier discusses the differences between the toxoid and the antitoxin and when it's appropriate to give each one, as well as how adding the enterotoxemia vaccine to CDT affects the timing of boosters.

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