23 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Nigerian Dwarf Goats

After writing about our experience when one of our does had squamous cell carcinoma, I've been contacted by quite a few other goat owners who have had a goat that also had that form of skin cancer.But Mary Brennan really got my attention when she emailed and told me she has had six goats with confirmed squamous cell carcinoma! She noticed that some of the goats were related, which caused her to dive deep into the history of the Nigerian dwarf breed, as well as skin cancer in other species. Ultimately that led her to a researcher at the University of California at Davis, who is now collecting data to study the potential role that genetics might play in this deadly disease.Full show notes here ---  https://thriftyhomesteader.com/squamous-cell-carcinoma-in-nigerian-dwarf-goats/To see the most recent episodes, visit  ForTheLoveOfGoats.comYou can visit Herron Hill Dairy online at...WebsiteFacebookFor more informationCancer in Goats: Squamous cell carcinomaWhat’s So Great About Nigerian Dwarf Goats? 
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