33 minutes | Nov 30, 2022

Kiko Goats

If you've been thinking about a meat breed and are looking for one that does well on pasture and forage, is parasite resistant, and hardy in general, the Kiko might be the breed for you.

In today's episode we are talking to Karen Kopf of Kopf Canyon Ranch in Idaho about their experience raising dairy goats and then switching to meat goats and specifically Kiko goats. One of the reasons I wanted to interview Karen is because of the amazing records they keep on their herd, so we get into all of the details on the breed.

Kikos were developed from feral goats in New Zealand and dairy goats, and they have no breed standard. This means there is a lot of variation between individual Kiko goats. Karen talks about the wide variation in sizes, as well as feeding, kidding, and selling meat.

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