31 minutes | Oct 19, 2022

Johne's Disease in Goats

If you have goats, or if you are considering getting goats, you should be aware of Johnne's disease. It is an infectious disease that is highly contagious, and there is no cure.

Today's guest is Dr. Michael Pesato, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Food Animal Medicine and Surgery at Mississippi State University. He is a board certified practitioner with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners specializing in Food Animal Practice.

We are talking about how Johne's is transmitted, the symptoms, and diagnosis. We also discuss the different types of testing, as well as the efficacy of each one, and when it makes the most sense to do a blood test or a fecal test. And finally, we talk about what to do if you discover that you have Johne's in your herd.

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