60 minutes | Apr 6, 2020

Scott Laigo - Student Athlete Advocates

Coach Scott Laigo is the President and Founder of Student Athlete Advocates in Seattle, Washington. I'm proud to present his interview as our third "Special Feature" episode, especially given the value this information provides to parents and athletes!Coach Laigo created Student Athlete Advocates based on his experiences as a Head HS Football Coach, after realizing the challenges faced by his players and parents! In this interview, we discuss a wide range of topics impacting today's high school athletes. Scott provides a very insightful walk through the recruiting process and offers advice and information not commonly discussed by teachers, coaches and guidance counselors.Regardless of where you're located, Student Athlete Advocates can provide advice and assistance. If you have questions or are struggling to find answers, I strongly recommend you contact them at one of the following...StudentAthleteAdvocates@gmail.comtwitter.com/SAAdvocatesfacebook.com/SAAdvocatesSeattleIntro music "Next Level" used under license by Composer Rujay Torres.
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