27 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

S2, E4 | June Jones

Episode 4 features Coach June Jones, renowned champion of the "run-and-shoot" offense.  His introduction to the run-and-shoot took place as a player at Portland State University under head coach Mouse Davis.  He has since, enjoyed success at every level of football from high school up through the NFL, teaching and employing those same principles.Coach June Jones' career is unique in that he had stops as a player, assistant coach, and head coach in both college (at the University of Hawaii) and in the NFL (with the Atlanta Falcons).  The perspective he gained through these experiences has served him well in getting "buy-in" from players at every stop...to maximize the fun and potential of the run-and-shoot!  I caught up with Coach Jones from his home in Hawaii and had a great conversation about all things run and shoot, as well as his insights on "relationships."Intro music "Next Level" used under license by Composer Rujay Torres.
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