50 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

S2, E3 | Bruce Smith & Ted Cottrell

FTGOTG S2, E3 | During their time together in Buffalo, Bruce Smith and Ted Cottrell developed a bond that would ultimately lead Bruce to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. This interview offers some unique insights into their relationship and how the game of football provides opportunities for such growth...even at the professional level.Coming out of Virginia Tech, Bruce Smith entered the NFL as the number one overall pick in 1985, so there was immediate pressure to perform! His early days in Buffalo weren't always smooth, but the calming presence and mentorship provided by his coach (Ted Cottrell) helped Bruce Smith thrive and become the dominant force on the Bills defense.Their relationship demonstrates how trust and confidence can turn a love for the game into true passion. It also proves that while superior talent is important, the value of trusted communication and team culture cannot be understated. In the end, their mutual love and respect led Bruce to invite Ted to introduce and present him at his NFL Hall of Fame induction in Canton.Intro music "Next Level" used under license by Composer Rujay Torres.
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