57 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

S2, E13 | Melanie Redd

FTGOTG S2, E13 | Melanie Redd is unique as a female Strength & Conditioning Coach but that alone doesn't draw clients!  What does is her reputation and blend of complementary skills and qualifications!  Episode 13 is an inside look at how she started and the relationships she builds as she continues her journey.Coach Melanie Redd is a strength & conditioning expert, certified speed & agility coach, functional movement expert, and the owner of Melanie Redd Performance Training.  Coach Mel has been helping people achieve optimal strength and performance for over a decade and has developed and coached performance and strength programs for athletes and adults around the world!She is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Chaminade Julienne HS and oversees strength and conditioning programs for all sports.  Coach Mel is best known for her work in football, however, her mission is to get all athletes from all sports in weight rooms across the country.Finally, Melanie is skilled in Sport Coach Education, helping coaches around the globe execute safe and effective programs via her platform entitled the MRPT Performance Pack.You can find her online at… www.mrperformancetraining.com andon Facebook at… www.facebook.com/mrperformancetraining/ andfollow her on Twitter at... @coach_mel-reddIntro music "Next Level" used under license by Composer Rujay Torres.
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