44 minutes | Apr 20, 2020

John O'Sullivan - Every Moment Matters

The fourth and final "Special Feature" episode of Season 1 is my interview with John O'Sullivan, founder of Changing The Game Project! This episode is unique, because it is "all about coaching" as captured in John's book Every Moment Matters!John's book and our discussion both go way beyond the boundaries of any specific sport and get to the heart of how great coaches connect with athletes and build great teams! This book is a "must read" for any coach at any level, but most certainly anyone just getting started. John's experience as a collegiate player and coach, as well as a professional athlete imbued him with a unique perspective to assemble and write this book.John O'Sullivan is a world-renowned public speaker, best selling author, coach educator, consultant and host for the Way of Champions podcast! His over 160 podcast episodes are highly sought after for their guest variety and professional development value for athletes and coaches. You can find his latest podcast episode on Libsyn at... http://wayofchampions.libsyn.com/163-george-mumford-how-to-become-a-mindful-coach-and-develop-mindfulness-in-your-athletesHis 2014 TEDx Talk, Changing the Game in Youth Sports, has over 374K views and can be found on YouTube at...  https://youtu.be/VXw0XGOVQvwJohn's three books Changing the Game, Is It Wise to Specialize, and Every Moment Matters are available on Amazon, at all major book retailers and on his website at... https://changingthegameproject.com/I truly hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did making it! Our first season has been a real adventure and a learning experience!  #ForTheGoodOfTheGameIntro music "Next Level" used under license by Composer Rujay Torres.
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