57 minutes | Oct 3rd 2019

Episode 457 - Interview with Edward Trapunski 09-30-19

Tonight I am joined by Edward Trapunski, author of "Special When Lit: A visual and anecdotal history of Pinball". We discuss the creation of the book, originally published in 1979, came out at a time of great change for pinball. The industry was moving from electro-mechanical games to solid state.  The book touches on a broad history of the game, a description of the appeal from social, art, and gameplay aspects, and even a peek into the future (circa 1979), which turned out to be quite prescient! Special When Lit can be purchased here:  The other books mentioned -  Pinball! by Roger Sharpe -  Tilt! Pinball machines 1931-1958 -  Pinball an Illustrated History by Michael Colmer -  Pinball Portfolio by Harry McKoewn -  Many thanks to Edward for the interview and the great book about the game we all enjoy.
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