25 minutes | Sep 17th 2018

Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 170

Listen to the latest Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish music podcast with some fabulous new and classic music from Scotland. This month we feature Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie, The First Harvest, Fine Friday, Gordon Shand, Duncan mcCrone, The Unit, Hannah Rarity, Finlay MacDonald Band, Back of the Moon, Capercaillie and The Chair. Please share! TÌR - Highland Life & Lore by Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie Track - An Long Èireannach http://www.oheadhra-mackenzie.com/ The First Harvest by Iain MacDonald/Iain MacFarlane Track - The Snuff Wife/Humours of Whisky/Clumsy Lover (Pipes) http://oldlaundryproductions.com/iain.htm Gone Dancing by Fine Friday Track - When I First Came To Caledonia Cherry Blossom Time by Gordon Shand And His Scottish Dance Band Track - Breeze Bay http://gordonshand.com/ Land of Gold by Duncan McCrone Track - Land of Gold http://duncanmccrone.com/ Gentle Giants by The Unit featuring Amy Geddes, Paul Jennings and Ewan MacPherson Track - The Little One http://www.amygeddes.co.uk Neath the Gloaming Star by Hannah Rarity Track - The Moon Shined On My Bed Last Night https://www.hannahrarity.com/ Pressed for Time by Finlay MacDonald Band Track - Pressed for Time https://twitter.com/finlaypiper Fortune’s Road by Back of The Moon Track - Johnny Cope http://www.gillianframe.com/ Sidewaulk by Capercaillie Track - Sidewaulk Reels http://www.capercaillie.co.uk The Road To Hammer Junkie by The Chair Track - The Road To Hammer Junkie https://www.facebook.com/lovethechair/ Subscribe to our Hands Up for Trad YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/handsupfortrad More about Hands Up for Trad: http://www.handsupfortrad.scot http://www.scotpodcast.com https://facebook.com/handsupfortrad http://www.twitter.com/handsupfortrad http://www.instagram.com/handsupfortrad https://soundcloud.com/handsupfortrad
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