53 minutes | Feb 11th 2018

Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 165

Hi there, Hands Up for Trad are back with the latest Foot Stompin’ Podcast! Featuring 50 minutes of great Scottish music including Adam Sutherland, Hannah Rarity, Karine Polwart, Smok, Hannah Read, Inyal, Doaca, Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente, Daniel Thorpe, Iona Fyfe and Heron Valley. What a lineup! Please Share! Some other land by Adam Sutherland Track - Sushi 7/8 http://www.adamsutherland.co.uk Beginnings by Hannah Rarity Track - Erin Go Bragh https://www.hannahrarity.com/ A Pocket of Wind Resistance by Karine Polwart Track - All on a Summer’s Evening http://www.karinepolwart.com Horizons by Smok Track - Empty Pod https://projectsmok.com/ Way Out I'll Wander by Hannah Read Track - She Took a Gamble http://hannahread.com/ Inyal by Inyal Track - Abu Chuibhl http://inyalband.com/ Meridian by Dosca Track - Oblique http://www.doscamusic.com/ The Morning Tempest by Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente Track - He Fades Away https://josiepablomusic.com/ The Curiosity Shop by Daniel Thorpe Track - Venus in Tweeds/The Earl of Crawford http://www.danielthorpemusic.com/ Away From My Window by Iona Fyfe Track - Banks of Inverurie https://ionafyfe.com/ Roam by Heron Valley Track - Adore https://www.heronvalleyband.co.uk/ Subscribe to our Hands Up for Trad YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/handsupfortrad More about Hands Up for Trad: http://www.handsupfortrad.scot https://facebook.com/handsupfortrad http://www.twitter.com/handsupfortrad https://soundcloud.com/handsupfortrad
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