102 minutes | Jun 6, 2019

Fools & Flagons - Episode 23 - Not all Giants are Bad

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A short shopping spree to find anything they could get to help with their newest quest was both rewarding and not. Not much of use was purchased, but Zorkon learned a bit more about the dwarves of Citadel Felbar and how his clan name is held against him in some cases. Kelpi may have also gotten someone fired. On the road once again, the party held close to the tree line as they headed eastward and soon found themselves in the path of an Orc raiding party dragging along an unfortunate trail snack. The group quickly dispatched the band of Orcs and discovered that the Orc's snack was an elf with no voice who agreed, after a bit of charades, to lead them towards the mountain base in return for saving his life.

We rejoin the party as they venture towards the Elf's hut in the woods so he could gather supplies for the trip.


Our first venture into a new campaign within the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition universe!

Campaign is called Storm King's Thunder.

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