97 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

The quandaries of bar ownership in the age of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the U.S., bar and restaurant owners are faced with numerous challenges. For most, questions like “How do I keep both my employees and customers safe?” and “How do I do so while remaining afloat?” are at the fore of every decision made about everyday operations.

On this week’s podcast, we chat with Nat Davauer, owner and operator of Draft & Vessel, about the quandaries he faces as a bar owner. We talk candidly about how community gathering places have come under fire for promoting the spread of COVID-19, the fiduciary concerns owners face as we race toward the end of patio season and the attitudes that could make or break our country’s recovery from the pandemic. 

Over the course of our conversation, we glean insights into Davauer’s operational philosophies, the dilemmas he faces as a business owner and the steps he’s taken to navigate uncharted terrain. Along the way, he paints a thoughtful picture of the unprecedented creativity and ideals he feels are needed for the industry to navigate its way through these tough times.

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