26 minutes | Dec 18, 2018

D&V in kids with Dr Phil Wylie. Topic 3 of Healthier Together

D&V, or gastroenteritis, can usually be managed safely at home by parents with appropriate advice and safety netting. To help provide that information, Phil Wylie, consultant paediatrician in Dorset County Hospital joins me to talk about red flags, recognising and treating dehydration (think 2ml/kg every 10 mins), shock, and long term sequelae such as transient lactose intolerance. With reference to Healthier Together pathways and parent information leaflets www.what0-18.nhs.uk Thanks Phil. Please go to iTunes to rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and review. Any feedback, please email me at fontanellepod@gmail.com
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