82 minutes | May 4th 2019

#45 One-On-One With Gerald Butts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's former principal secretary has kept a low-profile since testifying about the SNC-Lavalin affair. Now, he speaks candidly about that, his new relationship with the PMO, and the unexpected realities of political fame. In this episode: Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Hosted by Althia Raj. Detailed show notes: (3:43) Butts explains why he’s sitting down for this interview (26:39) “What do you mean by it was difficult on your family?” (16:49) The last conversation Butts had with Jody Wilson-Raybould (27:00) The “most difficult” period for Butts’ family after his resignation (32:28) A violation of Marquess of Queensberry rules (45:15) “One of the most surreal things about being involved in politics…” (48:36) Butts share the best piece of advice he’s ever got (Spoiler: it’s from his aunt, former Canadian senator Sister Peggy Butts) (49:57) The letter to Dalton McGuinty that marked a career turning point (1:04:47) Agreeing to disagree on Liberals’ broken promises (1:08:08) “I don’t think people appreciate how real the dangers are for people in public life right now” and talking about Michael Wernick (1:18:06) Althia notes how the prime minister seems to be “rudderless”; Butts disagrees
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