29 minutes | May 14, 2020

Doing local food on a national scale - Seal the Seasons - Fodder podcast

Locally grown food. Locally processed packaged products. All sold at local retail. Seal the Seasons set out to put U.S. farmers first, prove “local” can work year-round and beyond farmers markets, build local economies and innovate on frozen fruit. Trending natural foods products and ingredients, after all, aren’t the only way to innovate in natural products industry. Seal the Seasons is changing what local means by innovating on infrastructure and distribution, all built on mission that remains core in all that they do. Seal the Seasons CEO Patrick Mateer and Chief Operations Officer Alex Piasecki share how they brought the Seal the Seasons vision to life, along with all the road bumps on the way, and just how this business model can grow. The Fodder podcast is powered by New Hope Network's Esca Bona platform and underwritten by 301 Inc., Giannuzzi Group LLP, Healthy Lifestyle Brands, MorningStar Farms, Stonyfield Organic, Unilever and Whipstitch Capital. bit.ly/Fodder008
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