30 minutes | Aug 27, 2020

Continuous improvement for better product, better world – Fodder podcast

Sustainability is a journey not a destination for Rita Katona and Eric Hall, the founders of wellness shot brand So Good So You. “As an emerging brand,” Hall says, “we’re not perfect, but we’re on a journey to be better. And regardless of where a person is, as an individual, or as a brand, there are steps that you can do each day to improve what you’re doing today at the stage that you’re at.” Katona and Hall live this through and through as they build So Good So You. And after innumerable steps toward improving their plastic bottle packaging, in July they debuted the biodegradable BtrBtl. Still, it’s not the solution they seek. It’s just a step. “When we first launched our website several years ago, we had a little tongue in cheek (statement) on it that said that we would love to pour our juice into your cupped hands, but unfortunately, as that is not possible, plastic is a way that we need to get it to you. But we are always looking for a way to be better,” Hall says. The bottle, though, is only part of the story for the couple who commit all they do to sustainability and humanity. Listen to this episode of the Fodder podcast to learn about the commitments they make and costs they are willing accept on the path of continuous improvement. bit.ly/Fodder010
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