34 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

#98: Pro Tips: Persuading Your People to Try the Planner

You’ve found a transformational tool in the Full Focus Planner, but you’re confused why stakeholders in your life don’t share your enthusiasm. You want to be able to pursue goals together, improve your teamwork, and get on the same page. But how do you persuade them to give it a try? In this episode, Courtney and Blake answer the often-asked listener question about how to get your people on board with the Full Focus Planner. They offer 4 tips for persuading your friends, family members, boss, or coworkers. They help you remember what was hard when you first started but also why the results are more than worth it—so you can offer the same transformation to those close to In this episode, you’ll discover— Possibility questions to ask that cast a vision for a different future Why treating it like an experiment lowers pressure and increases buy-in How to proactively remove obstacles to starting the planner The power of creating rhythms of using the planner together Resources: Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek guide
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