32 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

#97: Reclaim Your Weekends in Four Simple Steps

You’re looking forward to getting some rest and rejuvenation over the weekend, but it goes by in a flurry with this event and that errand and those late-night hours binge-watching the latest show. Before you know it, it’s Monday again, and you don’t feel rested at all, much less ready to face the week. Is there a better way to do weekends? In this episode, Courtney, Verbs, and Blake discuss why what you do on the weekend matters. They walk you through 4 tips for getting the most out of your weekends, so you set yourself up for the energy and clarity you need to succeed in the coming week.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Why the Ideal Week and Daily Big 3s are not just for work The value of creating weekend rituals for your family How scheduling your Weekly Preview frees you to let go and relax That rest is not a reward but an asset that helps you produce results  Resources: Guided Weekly Preview
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