28 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

#96: How It’s Made: Full Focus Planner Edition

Ever wondered how the Full Focus Planner came to be? Every spec, from type of binding to paper quality to the cloth wrapped around the covers, has been specially selected to enhance the end user experience. How does that all happen? In this episode, Courtney, Verbs, and Blake talk with Adam Hill, director of product development and design, about the nuts and bolts behind the Full Focus Planner. They’ll share stories, processes, how decisions are made, and even how the oatmeal planner started out as a mistake. Before it was named the best daily planner by Forbes magazine, this is how the Full Focus Planner went from idea to finished product. In this episode, you’ll discover— The many steps between concept ideas and a planner in your hands How changes and new iterations of the planner are executed What factors are considered when creating a new planner The 3 buckets of idea sorting and how to react to each one Behind-the-scenes stories of the Full Focus Planner’s early days Resources: Adam and Verbs starring in the Full-Fail Meetings videos
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