38 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

#95: Parent Panel: How to Prioritize Rest While Raising Kids

As a parent with kids at home, you feel on demand 24/7. You’re tired and overwhelmed, but your roles and responsibilities never stop. It’s affecting both your parenting and your work. You know rest is important, but how do you even begin to get the rest you need? In this episode, Blake interviews Courtney and her husband, Chase, and Verbs and his wife, Verna, as they share the strategies they’ve developed to maintain rest as a priority while raising kids. They share their daily and weekly routines and how they plan rejuvenation into their schedules, so they can be the kind of parents they want their kids to experience while also advocating for each other’s rest.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Why creating varying Ideal Weeks helps you adjust in different seasons The importance of scheduling a weekly day of rest for the family How to reframe rest, so you experience holistic restoration 2 vital practices for syncing up with your spouse to plan for margin
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