30 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

#93: Restore Your Energy with Self-Care Rhythms

You feel tired all the time and are not even sure when it started. You try to go on vacation once a year, but it doesn’t feel like enough. You’re concerned that this exhaustion is affecting your performance, both at work and at home. What can you do on a regular basis to stay energized throughout the week? In this episode, Courtney, Blake, and Verbs brainstorm ideas for the 5 categories of self-care and offer tips on building it into your week. They show you how to leverage the Weekly Preview, so you can more consistently engage in self-care and be at your best from day to day—and not just when you finally have the chance to go on vacation.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Strategies for winding down at night and getting enough sleep  Why the people you connect with impact your energy The value of giving yourself the freedom to play 5 tips for filling out the self-care section of the Weekly Preview Resources: Guided Weekly Preview chiliPAD Moment app Cook Once, Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia BreakHIIT
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