29 minutes | May 31, 2021

#91: The Best of Both Worlds: Using Technology with a Paper-based Productivity System

You set yourself up with all the latest productivity tools to get ahead of your busy days. But now you find yourself monitoring too many systems and never knowing where you put that one piece of information. You feel frustrated—and maybe even a little guilty—that you’re not using your planner the right way. You need a system that keeps you focused and tracks all the complicated, changing information that’s part of your job. In this episode, Courtney, Blake, and Verbs share how they each use technology in conjunction with their Full Focus Planners. They offer 3 tips for figuring out a personalized hybrid system that works for you, so you can streamline and integrate a productivity system that empowers your most important work. In this episode, you’ll discover— 4 questions to consider while customizing your own system Why you should limit the role of multi-function digital tools The case for deleting work apps from your phone When to use digital tools versus your planner for maximum productivity Resources: Things task manager app
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