26 minutes | May 17, 2021

#89: Solving the Riddle of Rolling Quarters Pages

You missed your friend’s birthday—again. You completely forgot about your annual physical and double-booked yourself. Your anniversary snuck up on you, and now you’re trying to make last-minute reservations. You hate feeling the guilt and panic of losing track of dates that matter. What you need is a better look at the big picture. That’s why we designed Rolling Quarters. Rolling Quarters give you an annual view within your quarterly planner, so you can track important dates and commitments and see your year at a glance. In this FAQ episode, we’ll dig into a question from our Facebook community, sharing tips and tricks for how to get the most out of this planner tool. In this episode, you’ll discover— How to set up your Rolling Quarters page Ideas for events and happenings to track Courtney’s favorite part of her past job One strategy for leveraging Rolling Quarters to track your goals Another round of the Review Corner For a full tutorial on how to set up your Rolling Quarters page, visit fullfocusplanner.com/start.
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