31 minutes | Apr 26th 2021

#86: Sleepless and Successless—Why Better Rest Leads to Better Work

You’re at work early every day, because your to-do list is a mile long. You’re trying your best to hustle, using all the productivity strategies and apps, but you’re exhausted, your focus is scattered, and your patience is wearing thin. What’s missing? What else can you do? In this episode, Courtney, Verbs, and Blake discuss one of the most important productivity tools most people don’t talk about: sleep. They reframe the negative narrative around sleep and show you three reasons getting why quality sleep is essential for high performers.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Why sleep is an asset—not a liability—to your productivity The impact sleep quality and quantity has on performance How sleep refreshes your emotions and disrupts the cycle of stress Pro tips for shutting down at night and sleeping better  Resources: Focus on This Episode 83: “The Life-Restoring Magic of Daily Rituals” iPhone Bedtime feature DOHM sound machines Sleepcasts by Headspace Win at Work and Succeed at Life by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller
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