32 minutes | Apr 19th 2021

#85: The Hidden Power of Hobbies

You feel stagnant, like life is an endless cycle of going to work and coming home. There’s nothing on your calendar you’re really looking forward to. Can you be burned out and bored at the same time? How can you escape this sense of being in suspended animation? In this episode, Courtney, Verbs, and Blake offer a counterintuitive solution to the stasis of burnout: adding something to your calendar. They’ll show you the four surprising gifts that come from investing in a hobby—and how that can help you find renewed creativity and energy for both work and life. In this episode, you’ll discover— The power of active rest  The benefits of letting your mind wander How being new at something leads to the greatest gains Examples of activities that give you energy Resources: BreakHiit Win at Work and Succeed at Life by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller The 4 GIFs of Having a Hobby: Innovation - https://giphy.com/embed/pOAJ9UVzFLHTnhhjOJ A Beginner’s Mindset - https://tenor.com/view/learning-cant-wait-to-learn-gif-9334907 Rejuvenation - https://tenor.com/view/bear-charging-gif-10139371 Enjoyment - http://gph.is/1dsY23l
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