37 minutes | Mar 22nd 2021

#81: 4 Instant Fixes for Overworked Solopreneurs

The Double Win sounds great—but as a business owner flying solo, it feels out of reach. Your list of tasks is a mile long. You’re concerned about losing clients. You’re having to master new skills as you go. Is there really enough time in the day to take care of your business and lead a fulfilling life? In this episode, we tackle challenges that come with running your own business head-on. We’ll describe four common obstacles to the Double-Win and walk you through practical solutions you can start leveraging today. When you do, you’ll finally stop feeling burnt out and start adding hours back to your week. In this episode, you’ll discover— How to set boundaries with demanding clients The connection between a lack of motivation and a lack of clarity Why offering less allows you to provide more value Strategies to drive results when there’s just not enough time How to free yourself to do the stuff only you can do Resources: FocusMate Free to Focus course Belay Solutions
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