32 minutes | Mar 15th 2021

#80: Master the Art of Follow-Up

In the middle of meetings, details fly back and forth at rapid speed. You agree to take ownership of several next steps. But you’ve already forgotten one before you walk out the door, or it falls through the cracks of your overwhelming to-do list. How do you keep track of what you need to do and actually follow through? In this episode, Verbs and Blake interview Aleshia, Michael Hyatt & Company’s execution extraordinaire, to learn her tips, tools, and hacks for mastering the art of follow-up. They’ll show you how to develop a system for capturing tasks and following through so that you can become the high-achieving colleague others can count on. In this episode, you’ll discover— How to turn your actions into pro-actions The value of creating space to think and plan Why scheduling meetings with yourself keeps your mental to-do list clear The power of forethought to anticipate needs during meetings The top five tools and apps to follow up like a pro Resources: Full Focus Planner  
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