32 minutes | Mar 8th 2021

#79: How to Escape Inessential Meetings

When you have too many meetings on your calendar, the week feels like it’s half-gone before it even starts. How can you keep from falling behind on your most important tasks when you don’t have time to do actual work? You don’t want your calendar to run your life. But what’s the alternative? In this episode, Verbs, Blake, and Deidra will show you how to take back your time through the power of auditing your calendar. With plenty of personal examples—including an on-the-spot meeting cancellation of their own—they’ll teach you to determine which meetings to get out of and provide practical strategies for taking back your time. In this episode, you’ll discover— Four clues to help you identify an unnecessary meeting Why monologues and meetings should rarely go together How regularly reevaluating meetings leads to a positive work culture Tips for regaining time on your calendar even when a meeting is necessary Strategies for achieving the goal of a meeting without actually meeting Resources: Want to replace unnecessary meetings with video? We recommend Loom or VidYard. Maximize the effectiveness of your meetings with No-Fail Meetings by Michael Hyatt. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by our free download: Spring Clean Your To-Do List, a six-step guide to transform towering to-do lists into a trimmed-down list that's actually to-do-able. Download the guide at fullfocusplanner.com/printables.
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