27 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

#047: 4 Ways to Solve Your Willpower Issues

Setting goals really turns your crank. But getting them accomplished is harder. Everything takes longer than it should. And it’s hard to keep the willpower going. It feels so lousy to find yourself behind on goal after goal. 

Here’s a little secret. You don’t need more willpower to achieve your goals. You need more support. And we can show you how to get it. We’ll give you four ways any of your friends can support your goal achievement. All you have to do is ask. 

When you do, you’ll get the encouragement, feedback, and accountability you need to stick with it. You’ll be hitting your goals again in no time!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with encouragers.
  • Tips for fast-tracking your growth through the experience of others.
  • What accountability can do for your desired life.
  • How to recruit partners for joint pursuit of your goals.

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