62 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Talk Product Line To Me - Round Table Talk with Becky Furry, Maxx Walske, and Amanda McGhee

Welcome back to FOCUS & FACETS!     This week I am so excited to welcome some of my 5 Carat Collective students onto the show to chat all about developing you product line and the different stages they are all currently in within that process and within their businesses themselves. Becky Furry, Maxx Walske, and Amanda McGhee are incredibly insightful and forthcoming with their product line hurdles and triumphs and I cannot thank them enough for taking the time to be a part of this weeks episode!     Let’s #dothework and keep that conversation going.     If you’d like to chat more join me over on Instagram @juliakelleher and on Facebook @5caratcollective.   Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.    Join me next Tuesday for another episode and have an amazing week!
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